The begining of Roswell

This Tv program was inspired by the story of the 1947 crash in Roswell. Since then, a lot of people believe in outside life. This is why i chose this Tv show, because it’s
not another program that reproduces real life. This program is based on fiction and it can allow me to disconect myself from my everyday routine life.

The story takes place in Roswell, a little town in Mexico. After the crash of their OVNI, three teenagers try to live a normal life. In spite of the fact that they have some
magic capacities, they will try to keep their secret unrevealed .

The principal caracters are Max, Micheal, Isabel and Liz. Max and Liz are clearly two brother and sister in the story but, quickly, we learning that Michael to is in this
familly. These three Orphelin teenagers are not just like anyone, and they will help each other out trying to have a normal teenager life for themselves

A little summarize of a good episode!

Max asked kal Langley to help him find his son. Kal was the only one who was able to find the vessel and above all, he knew how to pilot it. But his old mentor was getting angry and he solely refused to help him. He threatened him violently. Isabel announced her wedding to her loved ones. The News shocked her mother, Diane and her friends. Everyone was trying to convince her not to marry Jesse. Finally, Isabel waited patiently for the return of Max to let him know what was happening while Diane was getting very impatient. She called him on his cell phone because he had to convince his sister on renouncing to the wedding. But, the coming of Langley was uncalled for, his arrival ended the conversation during which Max found out that he had authority on him.

jeudi 29 novembre 2007

TV Journal #5

I’ve learned a lot of things in this Tv show. I found out a little bit more on the crash of Roswell. Because this is an event that really happened in a town of Mexico. But we will never know if the crash was a UFO or a satellite. But unfortunately, this event has never come to be proved , and everybody is scared about the idea of a UFO crash. I would really recommend this show to the other students. Because it’s not just like any other
tvshow where we see the life of rich people. I think that it’s the fiction of the show that makes it a good tv show!

TV Journal #4

Hi everyone, my name is liz. This is my diary…Monday night, when i came home, i was not feeling good. I don’t know why, but i was feeling that someone was spying on me. Since i found out about the secret of my three friends , Max, Michael and Isabel, I see the world very differently. Yesterday at the restaurant, I announced to my best friend, Maria, that my grand-mother will come to pass a few days in Roswell. She was very excited because she loves her very much. When we came out of the restaurant, I saw Max in an alley getting beat up. I was very scared! But now i’m tired and i will continue my story tomorrow!

vendredi 19 octobre 2007

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